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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Let’s face it, losing weight is not easy, if it was, there wouldn't be so many people trying to constantly lose weight. Unfortunately there are a lot of products out there that are gimmicks and absolutely worthless, except for the possible placebo effect. And even worse, there is a lot of misinformation about weight loss. Most gimmicks and misinformation exist because they are taking advantage of desperate people that will try anything to lose weight.

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is finding and trusting the right program. What if there was a proven program you could follow to lose weight permanently? A blueprint that not only explains what to do, but also, and as just as important, why.

I know the two paragraphs above sound like a sales pitch, but my intent is not to pitch but to share my actual experience and opinions about Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BTF). I feel my experience and thoughts about BTF will be far more valuable to you to make an educated decision regarding your weight loss plan. I really used this book as my guide to lose 40 pounds.

First, some history about my weight loss using BTF. When I started July 2006, I weighed in at 215. I got down to a low of 172 in February 2007. I stayed around 175 - 180 until the end of 2008. That's when I started serious strength training for a bench press meet in February 2009.

I used Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle as my blueprint to lose the weight. Tom Venuto does an excellent job of covering everything you need to know about losing weight the right way. What I mean is by letting the body do its job by burning excess fat without any dangerous products or methods. He explains everything in enough detail so you “get it” and understand why you should be doing what he teaches. In my opinion, that is the best feature of the book. It makes perfect sense which makes it a lot easier to do.

The overall message I got form BTF was it’s all about metabolism and burning fat. This is not a new concept at all, but the book helps you completely understand it and provides different ways to keep metabolism going. Believe it or not, eating is the most important way to keep your metabolism high and that’s completely explained in the book. It’s all about burning fat to lose weight.

Aside from the information contained in the book, the next best thing is that it is a plan that you can easily follow. If you implement the basic fundamentals outlined in the book, you will lose body fat. You will still need to control your calorie intake, but that’s to be expected in any legitimate weight loss program. Tom’s plan will outline how to control how many calories you eat and equally important, how to control how many calories you use. His methods are not complicated, are easy to understand and easy to execute.

If you want a real guide for safely losing weight by burning excess body fat, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is the answer. I am first hand proof. This book got me going on the path I’ve followed since I read it and continue following today. That path includes eating the right way to support a healthy lifestyle and also includes exercise. Tom doesn’t get into too much detail about lifting weights, but he lays a good foundation for weight training if you choose to try it. I’m personally now into strength training which evolved from Tom’s weight training advise in the book.

There are some other good options out there for losing weight, but BTF has everything I was looking for:

  • Absolutely safe and no gimmicks
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Easy to maintain for long term results
  • Affordable

This book is jam packed with a lot more information than I mentioned. I choose to not cover everything in the book but rather to share my thoughts and try to convince you this works.

If you want to lose weight by burning fat, buy the book and dedicate yourself to following and believing what you read. You will lose weight. I did, it wasn’t easy, but I put my faith in the program and it worked.


Burn The Fat